We manufacture control panels (automated process sytems, grouped starters, manual push buttons stations etc…) From designing according to a specific analysis of customer needs, to start up, our team insures proper after sales service for adjustments, and in field modifications. We have successfully manufactured many large industrial projects.

All our products are CSA certified for Canada and USA. On demand, we have CE (Conformité Europenne) for European projects. We are a member of the Corporation of Master Electricians of Québec (CMEQ).


We have a vast industrial experience in various industries such as: food and beverage, refregiration, paving, mines, quarries, sawmills, paper mills, etc… We use only top quality products such as Siemens for PLC, touch screens, networks, application software and runtime software.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

For private network or internet, we have a special team of technicians to offer integrated solutions for all your equipments.

A.C. and D.C. variable speed drives

A.C. and D.C. variable speed drives We will suggest the best adapted solutions for all your drive application: motors, forced ventilation, filters, line/load reactors, dynamic braking, remote controls etc… We utilize mainly AC Tech/LENZE drives.

Motor starters

We have a wide selection of starters; across the line, grouped, soft start, reversible etc…

Power factor correctors

We will analyse free of charge your hydro bills and will issue a detailed report of dollar and energy savings along with a payback time frame. We will also do a harmonic analysis in your plant. We use oil type capacitors PCB free with a full 5 year warranty. We also use two step contactors to ensure long capacitor life and avoid damages to your equipment.